Uber Scoot kids fun day

July, 2014
Uber Scoot kids

URBAN TERRORS: Puzey EVO Boards: Fun for the whole family

Dirt & Trail: April 2014 by Glenn Foley
New Uber Scoot Dirt & Trail

When we brought this lot home, the entire motley collection of neighbourhood kids showed up at our gate to have a spin. OK we lie – some of the parents pitched up to …

We got to use four of the 5 models on offer – two electrics and two petrol machines. The electrics are in the form of the 1000W and the 800W Citi. The petrols were the 2-stroke 50X and their performance 70X, with some extra ‘houding’ in the form of brush guards and lekker ‘Vet Tekkies’.

About three years ago, we did a feature on these li’l numbers. They are a great idea and innovation, motorised skateboards with seats available in electric or two-stroke motorised configuration. We figured that it was time to revisit this lot, so we collected the whole lot, waited for the rain to stop and went out to play …

Waiting for the rain to stop took almost 3 weeks … we folded them up, packed them onto the bakkie and took them to an empty parking lot in Benoni for a bit of fun. Being skilled pilots that they are, our lot opted to remove the seats, standing up is much more fun. Our more responsible lady rider preferred a sedate ride around with the seat on. Versatile, for sure! I would send the kids to school and back with these things if I had my way – it would give us a few more minutes to kip in the mornings!

The basics are all the same – automatically actuated via a throttle on your right hand. The two strokes are two-speed, with a strong low gear to get you going and then you click once to fly. Not overly loud either and significantly stronger than their electric counterparts.

The electrics are fantastic because they are silent, don’t take fuel and don’t get hot, so charge them up, fold them up, pop them in the boot. They are strong enough for adults and kids, so if you live in a complex with grumpy neighbours, these ones won’t bug them at all – and you’ll have much more fun than chugging along in a golf cart! Range seems pretty reasonable we got more than an hour of fun between charges, in fact they never ran completely flat. You know when they do though, because they run slower and slooower … giving you ample warning that you might be pushing soon.

The petrol units are really fun – two-stroke – so you premix – fill up, hit the recoil (pull) starter and head out. Like we said – much more responsive and fun, with a two-speed gearbox actuated with your left thumb. 1st is quite strong, so even the fatty’s could get going, second gear gives the boards nice long legs and you can cruise along at Mach 4.

The boards don’t require much skill – just a sense of humour and a bit of balance – and people of all ages can enjoy them. Our kids who are still picannins, picked it up in about 3 seconds flat and took off up and down the gravel road outside like lunatics – aiming for every muddy puddle that they could find. Muddy water, however is not really there machines forte, they cope, but you will destroy them because all of the moving parts are close to the ground. They are much more fun on the streets.

They all handled the good gravel beautifully because they each have a little adjustable monoshock up front, and the electric units have suspension out back that does a good job of soaking up the bumps.

Conclusions: pop the seats on and you have a lekker little commuter that won’t take up much space anywhere. Take them off and you have a fun to ride little Zoot Scoot that will keep everyone busy for hours. And when you are not using it, you can fold it up and stashi it well out of the way. Lekker, lekker fun for sure!

All available from Puzey dealer nationwide: www.puzey.co.za

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